Welcome to Petrotec Rekayasa Dinamika




Our Presence

PT Petrotec Rekayasa Dinamika is the leading provider of engineered compressed air system in Indonesia. With almost 20 years of service, Petrodyn has established itself as the trusted name in compressed air technology in Indonesia, with more than 120 service personnel and presence in the following locations:
- Jakarta
- Cikarang
- Bandung
- Medan
- Duri
- Surabaya
- Solo


Our Workshop

To strengthen our service capabilities, PT Petrotec Rekayasa Dinamika has established a factory‐certified service workshop and parts center:
Petrotec Rekayasa Dinamika Workshop and Warehouse
Jl. Mahoni 2 No. 6‐8
Kawasan Industri LIPPO Cikarang, Bekasi 17550
Phone : (021) 89902746
Fax : (021) 29319230
This workshop is equipped to do pre‐delivery inspection, pre‐installation, overhaul, balancing, and other mechanical services for compressors


Technical Assistance

Our well trained and knowledgeable product engineers are at your service to provide assistance in systems selection.
We offer a comprehensive line of compressors that can provide the exact quantity of air that you need, with matching dryers and filters to achieve the precise degree of air quality required.
We will propose only the most cost efficient solution suited for your particular environment to avoid operating problems.
With this competence, we can be your partner in supporting presales engineering activities.



We can offer three options to support during installation:
Option A :
we provide layout design, installation recommendations, review of customer’s installation drawings, and frequent inspection of installation at no additional cost.

Option B :
we provide detail installation drawings including foundation, piping, wiring and complete supervision of installation at a single price.

Option C :
we will perform a complete mechanical / electrical installation of compressors and auxiliaries at a lump‐sum price.


Commisioning and Training

Our factory‐certified service engineer will support you to perform the following:
- Startup / commisioning
- Issuance of warranty certification
- Hands‐on training on operation and installation of AF unit
- Training on routine maintenance procedures of AF unit
This will include a periodic Air Care Seminar at our workshop as a refreshment course for maintenance engineers and operators


Parts Support


Not only AF‐certified engineers are locally available, we also guarantee local availability of genuine AF parts in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Surabaya. This includes a complete system of parts management:
- About US$ 1,500,000.‐ worth of parts inventory
- On‐line real‐time parts stock database at our PAPNet website
- ASSEP (After Sales Service Enhancement Program) management of parts rolling forecast


Emergency Repairs


Next Day Visit guarantees that Petrotec engineer is sent on‐site within 24 hours after a service request. With over 120 personnel and 10 representative offices, our coverage of the Indonesian market is secured.
We also support overhaul and exchange of parts. Those under routine maintenance of 4000 hours increment are under our monitoring program for service and parts stock.
Our workshop in Cikarang is equipped to perform major repair and overhaul of AF compressor units, including balancing, welding, and metal testing.


Audit Services


We provide a audit services and analysis for every AF unit installation. This includes analysis such crack analysis and full leak survey to measure total air losses, which may cause huge inefficiency of the unit during operation if not diagnosed properly.
We also can perform a comprehensive energy audit that will include an examination of supply side (compressors, aftercoolers, dryers, filters, drains, and air receives), demand side. We can provide annual cost of operating the system, providing the customer with a valuable tool to enhance energy saving and further cost efficiencies.