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About Us

Formerly a division of PT. Petrotec Air Power,  Petrodyn has now emerged as a new entity within PPD Group to specialize in sales & services of engineering compressor packages.

Our focus are customers with special needs : high-pressure PET compressor  system for the beverage industry, oil & gas engineering packages, high-volume compressed air systems for the textile and automotive industry, and many others. We provide equipment as a package with engineering knowledge, guaranteeing competent support and project execution for our industrial customers. Our motto is ‘Total Customer Satisfaction’, and that includes excellent support from system selection to after sales service and parts supply.

Having earned high reputation for technical leadership in system design and installation for  Uninterrupted Supply of Engineered Compressed Air, the company has a proven track record of successful projects in various manufacturing and process industries, from a medium-size to large-size plants, to critical applications in heavily-engineered oil & gas projects.
The products offered include:
-  Ateliers Francois – Belgium, Reciprocating High Pressure 40-bar PET Compressors, including dryers and filters, for food & beverage and PET-based plastic & packaging industry.
-  Sullair Engineering Packages – USA, Screw Air Compressors package locally fabricated to meet Customer’s special design, complete with dryers and filters, for oil & gas industry, petrochemical, EPC companies.
-  Gas Compressors – USA, Special application gas compressors for oil & gas industry. 

As a Service-Based Company, Petrodyn put emphasis on local availability of parts and services with  Parts Inventory and Service Engineers at 5 Branch Offices and several Representative Offices throughout Indonesia. Each branch office is equipped by technicians and sales for spare parts. This assures fast troubleshooting response and spare parts supply for our customers.


Area of Excellence

 - Strong in application engineering.
 - Strong in local service and parts support.
 - Strong in local capability of repair and overhaul.
 - Strong in sales force and working team. 
 - Strong in customer relation (developing loyal repeat customers - retainers).
 - Strong in quality (getting the job done right at the first time, offering 100% guarantee).
 - Strong in responsiveness (being an on-call with fast response time).



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